# Quick Start

# Installation

Most likely you want to install maid as a global command, this can be done with Composer using the following command:

composer global require maid/maid

To upgrade maid, simply use the following command:

composer global update maid/maid

# Logging In

After installing the maid-cli, you need to authorize using your user account credentials.

maid login

Note: To prevent the command from launching a web browser, use maid login --console-only. To authorize without a web browser and non-interactively, create a credentials.json file within the maid-cli config directory.

# Create a Manifest

First we need to create a maid.yml within the root directory of your project, this is done interactively by the following command:

maid init

During the initialization process it tries to recognize frequently used Laravel ecosystem components from your project and also define them in your manifest file.

# Deploy your Application

After initializing your project you can start to deploy your first version:

maid deploy